Restaurant and Pension ELEKTRA

Marianske Lazne

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Where to find us

Restaurace a Penzion Elektra

Luzicka 425
Marianske Lazne - 353 01

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E   L   E   K   T   R   A


Mo-Sun 11: 00-22: 00 / Kitchen 11: 00-21: 30

Monday 23.12.2019…………………………11:00 – 22:00

Tuesday   24.12.2019……………………………..CLOSED

Wednesday  25.12.2019……………………………..CLOSED

Thursday 26.12.2019 to Monday 30.12.2019…..11:00– 22:00

Private, non-smoking restaurant with renowned cuisine, located on the outskirts of the spa center, surrounded by parks and nature, yet very close to the Main Street.

Restaurant and bar capacity is 48 seats, terrace 24 seats,

The possibility of organizing all social events, weddings, celebrations, parties, corporate events, class meetings, banquets, closed companies, etc.

Own pension - 14 rooms, parking

  • The menu with the marked allergens is available on request at the restaurant staff.
  • Our kitchen prepares most dishes from fresh ingredients to order, that
    the waiting time for your meal corresponds to that.

Our services

Czech and international cuisine, pizza, salads, desserts and much more.

Sunny terrace with fountain and children's corner.

Menu in four world languages, children's menu

Own parking and pension, free Wi-Fi

Full assortment delivery service.

All meat dishes are prepared on a Swedish plate.

Meat weights are always raw

Half portion (operator information) = 65% of the price.

Possibility of payment in Euro or meal vouchers.

We use only chilled meat from Czech suppliers.

  • Thank you for your visit and for your favor and we hope that you will be properly satisfied with us as a holder of the international gastronomy award.
  • Dear guests, if you do not receive a cash receipt with EET codes when paying your bill, do not pay, you are our guests !!

menu card




1        100g     CARPACCIO beef sirloin with rucola and parmesan, toast – raw meat                         170,-

                      *Карпаччо - говяжье филе с листьями рукколы и пармезаном, тост

2        100g    Duck liver roasted with apples and walnuts, baguette                                                    95,-

                     *Утиная печень, запеченная с яблоками и грецкими орехами, багет

3        150g    Chicken ragout with ham and mushrooms, lemon, toast                                                90,-

                     *Куриное рагу с ветчиной и шампиньонами, лимон, тост

4        0,25l    Beef broth with liver dumplings                                                                                          45,-

                      *Говяжий бульон с ливерными фрикадельками

 5        0,25l    Garlic soup with ham and roasted bread                                                                        45,-

                     *Чесночный суп с ветчиной и поджаренным хлебом

 6        0,25l    Creamy sour soup with chanterelles, potatoes and bacon                                           50,-

                     *Шумавское кисело - суп с лисичками, картофелем и беконом

 7        0,25l    SOUP ACCORDING TO THE DAILY OFFER                                                                25,-/ 30,-

                     *Суп по дневному предложению




8        200g    GRILLED NORWEGIAN SALMON with vegetable noodles, lemon                                 275,-

                     *Норвежский  жареный  лосось,  овощная лапша, лимон                                        

9        200g    ROASTET WHOLE TROUT with lemon sauce                                                                   180,-

                     *Жареная  форель,  лимонный соус

10      200g    ROASTED PROWNS on wine, garlic dipp, baguette                                                         285,-

                     *Поджареные креветки на вине, чесночный дип


**for mentioned fish is for every 10g overweight surcharge 8, -CZK**

**у приведённой рыбы - за каждых 10 гр высшего веса 8, -КРОН**




11      150g     Fried chicken fillet, lemon                                                                                                    145,-

                     *Жареный куриный шницель, лимон

12      150g    CHICKEN STEAK with babycarot roasted on butter                                                        170,-

                     *Куриный стейк с бейби-морковкой, жаренной на сливочном масле

13      150g    GRILLED CHICKEN STEAK WITH HONEY RUST and sesame seeds                               180,-

                     *Куриный стейк с мёдом и кунжутным семечком на гриле


14      150g    CHICKEN POCKET stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and Parma ham, mozzarella     190,-

                     *Куриный карман фаршированный сушенными помидорами и пармской ветчиной,

                       запечённый с моццареллой

15      150g    CHICKEN STEAK IN POTATOE PANKAKES, sauerkraut                                                     190,-

                     *Куриный стейк в дранике, квашеная капуста




16      200g    SIRLION CUTS on mushroom ragout                                                                                  340,-                                                                                                                    

                     *Филе из вырезки, рагу из грибов

17      200g    BEEF SIRLION STEAK IN PEPPER with pepper creamy sauce                                          340,-

                     *Бифштекс в цветном перце, сметанный соус с перцем

18      200g    BEEF SIRLION STEAK WITH HERB BUTTER                                                                        340,-

                     *Бифштекс, масло с травами

**if not specified, we serve MEDIUM**

если гость не уточнит уровень жарения, то подаём медиум


19      150g    BEEF SIRLOIN TARTAR (mixed / unmixed), roasted bread with garlic                              280,-

                     *Татарский бифштекс из вырезки ( мешанный / немешанный), тост с чесноком

**raw meat, minimum quantity 150g, every 50g extra = 90, -CZK**

сырое мясо, минимальное количество 150 гр, каждых 50 гр свыше нормы, цена выше = 90, -КРОН




20      150g    FRIED PORK NECK, lemon                                                                                                      145,-

                     *Свиной жареный шницель из ошейка, лимон

21      200g    MARINATED PORK NECK served on cutting board, potatoes with herb curd                175,-

                     *Ошеек в маринаде на разделочной доске, картофель с творогом и травами

22      200g    PORK TENDERLOIN with beans in bacon                                                                            180,-

                     *Свиная вырезка с фасолью в беконе

23      200g    ROLLS ON SKEWER stuffed with ham and cheese, roasted creamy babycarot            190,-

                     *Рулеты на вертеле, фаршированные ветчиной и сыром, жареная

                       бейби-морковка в сметанном соусе




24      300g    ROYAL SKEWER (beef, chicken, pork tenderloin, sausage, pepper)                               295,-

                     *Королевский шашлик (цыплёнок, свиная вырезка, колбаска, перец)

25      200g    MIX OF 3 COLORS (beef, pork, chicken) with prunes, pepper and leek                         215,-

                     *Смесь трёх цветов с черносливом, перцем и луком-пореем

                26      200g    BOAR SIRLION MEDALIONS with rosehip sauce                                               285,-

*Медальоны из вырезки кабана, соус из шиповника





27      150g    WILD GAME STEW with bacon dumpling                                                                          170,-

                     *Гуляш из кабана, кнедлики с кусочками шпика

28      1200g  BAKED PORK KNEE, horseradish, mustard, bread                                                           250,-

           (cca)    *Свиное печёное колено, хрен, горчица, хлеб



                     *Готовые блюда по дневному актуальному  предложению





30      120g    FRIED CHEESE - eidam / camembert                                                                                 115,-

                     *Жареный сыр  голландский/камамбер

31      200g    STUFFED POTATOES with spinach leaves, baked with camembert                                120,-

                     *Картофель фаршированный листьями шпината, запеченный с камамбером

32      300g    ROAST POTATOES, stuffed with herb curd                                                                        105,-

                        *Жареный  картофель в фольге, фаршированный творогом с травами




 33      250g    PENNE RIGATE with pieces of salmon in creamy sauce                                               175,-                             

                     *Рenne rigate с кусочками лосося в сметанном  соусе

34      250g    SPAGHETTI ALL ARABBIATA with chilli pepper                                                               140,-

                     *Спагетти all arabbiata с чилли

35      250g    BAKED PENNE RIGATE with tomato sauce and chicken. meat, rucola                        150,-

                     * Рenne rigate  запечённое с томатным соусом и  мясом из цыплёнка, руккола





36      200g    BOILED POTATOES with butter         40,-      37     200g    FRENCH FRIES                      40,-

                     *Вареный картофель с маслом                                        *Картофель-фри

38      200g    POTATOE CROQUETS                        40,-      39     200g    ROAST POTATOES                 50,-

                     *Картофельные крокеты                                                   *Картофель по-деревенски   

40      150g    RICE                                                       40,-      41     2ks       TOAST/GARLIC BREAD              10,-

                     *Рис                                                                                    *Тост / Жареный тост / Корзина

42      200g    GRILLED VEGETABLES                      55,-                             хлеба

                     *Овощи на гриле

43      50g      MUSTARD / HORSERADISH              15,-      44     3ks       POTATOE PANKAKES          55,-

                     *Горчица/ хрен                                                      3 шт   ­*Драники


45      1,5dcl  MUSHROOM / PEPPER / ROSEHIP - warm sauce                                                           40,-

                     *Горячий соус из грибов, перца и шиповника

46      50g      TATAR, DEVIL, GARLIC, CRANBERRIES - cold sauce                                                       25,-

                     * Холодный соус – татарский, дьявольский, чесночный, брусничный




**Fresh seasonal vegetables and shredded salads**

*Свежие сезонные овощи и измельченные салаты *

47      125g    MIXED SALAD                                                                                                                          60,-

                     * Смешанный  салат                                                                                                       

48      125g    SALAD with feta cheese                                                                                                         75,-

                     * Салат с сыром фета

49      120g    CAPRESE tomatoes with mozzarella and basil                                                                  115,-

                     *Сaprese салат – помидоры,  моццарелла,  базилик

50      200g    GREEK SALAD with olives and gyros from pork tenderloin, tzatziki                               160,-

                     *Греческий салат -  оливки, шаурма из свиной вырезки, цацики

51      200g    SALAD POLLO with chicken steak and mung sprouts                                                      160,-

                     *Салат Полло - с куриным стейком и ростками мунго (сорт цветной фасоли)

52      200g    UNCLE SAM with chicken fillets in corn - flakes                                                                160,-

                     *Uncle Sam – кусочки куриного мяса в кукурузных хлопьях

53      200g    SALAT CAMEMBERT with grilled camembert and cranberries                                       160,-

                     *Салат-камамбер - камамбер на гриле, брусника




54      3ks       HOMEMADE PANCAKES with sour cream and strawberry sauce                                  90,-

          3 шт    *Домашняя оладья со сметаной, клубничный соус

55      1ks        PEAR COOKED IN RED WINE with cinnamon and honey, walnut ice cream                 90,-

          1 шт    *Груша в красном вине с корицей и мёдом, мороженое и грецкие орехи

56                 HOT LOVE hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream                         80,-

                     *Нot love - горячая малина с ванильным мороженым и взбитыми сливками

57      1ks       ICE CREAM - vanilla, chocolate, walnut, strawberry                                                           15,-

          1 шт    *Горка мороженого  - ванильное, шоколадное, с орехами, клубничное

 58                 PORTION OF WHIPPED CREAM                                                                                             10,-

                     *Порция взбитых сливок

59      1ks       DESSERTS ACCORDING TO DAILY OFFER                                                                           45,-

          1 шт    *Десерт по дневному предложению










Pizza card

Tomato pomodoro and Edam cheese base, size 30 cm


PIZZA Ø 30cm


60 MARGHERITA - tomato sauce, cheese, olive oil                                               95, -

61 PROSCIUTTO - tomato sauce, cheese, ham                                                    145, -

62 SALAMI - tomato sauce, cheese,  salami                                                        145, -

62 DUO - tomato sauce, cheese, ham, dry sausage                                           145, -

63 TONNO - tomato sauce, cheese, tuna fish, onion                                          155, -

64 QUATTRO FORMAGGI - tomato sauce, 4 types of cheese                            165, -

65 HAWAII - tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple                                           145, -

66 PIKANTE - tomato sauce, cheese, ham, sausage, eng. bacon, pepperoni 165, -

67 MILANO - tomato sauce, cheese, 100g chicken breast, sour cream,           175, -
                       devil sauce




68 HAM                30, -                                       69 Chicken breast     55, -
70 CHEESE          30, -                                       71 SALAMI                   30, -
72 SAUSAGE        25, -                                       73 BACON                  25, -
74 ANANAS          25, -                                       75 OLIVES                  20, -
76 ONION             15, -                                       77 Chilli Peppers        15, -
78 SOUR CREAM 15, -                                        79 TUNA FISH            35, -






delivery service


Departure service Mo-Sa from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm,


- Possibility of ordering for an hour

- Phone to receive orders: +420 737 874 874

Opening hours and delivery service prices


- Original thermo menu boxes - 10, - CZK

- Original pizza boxes - 10, - CZK

- Bowl for soup - 5, -CZK

Price for transport:

- Marianske Lazne - 15, - CZK

- Velká Hleďsebe - 20, - CZK

- Klimentov - 20 CZK

- Skláře - 25, - CZK

- Hamrníky - 20, - CZK

- Drmoul - 35, - CZK

- Zádub - Závišín - 50 CZK

- Spa Kynzvart - 100, - CZK

- Chodová Planá - 100, - CZK

- Krásné - 50, -CZK

- Tři Sekery - 60, -CZK

The waiting time depends on the number of orders

and occupancy of the restaurant.

Notice to customers!

- delivery service of meals is only a supplementary, non-profitable activity of the restaurant. Therefore, please do not confuse us with a fast food center, etc ..

- the capacity of the kitchen and the entire plant is limited due to the small building space. Note: we do our best for your satisfaction, but we can't do magic.

- restaurant guests will always be preferred, all orders will be handled subsequently, ie the waiting time corresponds to this !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for understanding.

Martin Zeleník and team

boarding house

Pension ELEKTRA has 34 beds:

All rooms are standard: double bed, bedside tables, with lamp, desk, coffee table with two chairs, wardrobe, LED TV / SAT, FREE WiFI, toilet, shower and hair dryer.

Prices include, VAT and spa fee.


6 double rooms



1 300,- CZK/night

2 family suite with 5 beds
(2 bedrooms)


2200,- CZK/night

2 family suite with 6 beds (3 bedrooms)


2950,- CZK/night

Extra bed


400,- CZK/night



100,- CZK/night

Cancel reservation

The guest can cancel the reservation free of charge within 3 days prior to arrival. In case of cancellation less than 3 days prior to arrival, the guest will pay 100% of the first night's rate. Guests have read the terms and conditions and agree with them.

Transfers and trips

We have prepared for our guests the possibility of TRANSFER (Prague Airport, Karlovy Vary, Munich, Nürnberg, Leipzig, Dresden ..) or EXCURSIONS and EXCURSIONS all over the Czech Republic and abroad for discounted prices.

We have our own cars.

Info by phone +420 602 429 764 or by e-mail

the history of the house

    • People come and go. What remains after them is landscape and buildings. The landscape is the lifeblood of life. Buildings - they have souls. Each experienced a period of joy, happiness, pride and shame.

      Between Mariánské Lázně and Úšovice there was a quarter called Šenov (Schönau). After the construction of the railway line and the railway station (year 1872), the construction of Šenov got into pace. The fastest increase was around the former solitude of the Šumava Inn (today's Cheb Crossroads). The inhabitants of the Šenov district were interested in establishing their own town. In 1895 the administration of Šenov was taken over by Mariánské Lázně. A beautiful villa district called Ansper was created between the post office and the hospital.

      And here the Matulka family decided to build this house, which was designed by architect Franz Schmidt. Unfortunately, the family was tragically unhappy. Mr. Vincent Matulka, who worked as the head of the local power plant, was struck by an electric shock in 1906, after an accident in one of the transformer stations, and died of its consequences. In 1910, the house was given house number 425, and the villa of the widow, Mrs. Aloisie Matulková, was called ELEKTRA. The main street to the station was called Imperial. Today's street Lužická, from the side of the house, was formerly called Dyleňská (Tillenbergstrasse). Its original name was related to the fact that the street was a nice view of the hill Dyleň.

      The house was owned by the family until 1945. After World War II, the house was confiscated under a decree dated 25 October 1945, No. 108 of the President of the Republic Edvard Beneš. The National Recovery Fund in Prague and its authorized administrator took over the house. The transports and expulsions of the Germans from Mariánské Lázně took place in November 1945 and ended in 1946. The Matulka family was among the displaced. In 1949 (from the decision of the Settlement Office and the National Renewal Fund in Prague), the right of ownership for the Czechoslovak State Forests, a national enterprise, was inserted. There were offices and flats for employees until 2002, when the property was purchased by LUDUS sro, Prague, which converted the house into a guesthouse with a restaurant.

      In 2012, the house was bought by Milan Petruš from nearby Tachov. As a guesthouse and restaurant, the house still serves today. The restaurant and restaurant are currently run by the company
    • Espozito Gastro sro, Mr. Martin Zeleník.